Micron is home to several small, quiet workhorses that run almost constantly, finishing off a completed part every few seconds.

Escomatics, or “Escos,” are a type of small-diameter cam-driven machine. Unlike CNC lathes, the material in an Escomatic doesn’t rotate. Instead, the tool rotates around the part. This design promotes speed, precision, versatility at small diameters. The machines are exceptionally reliable and oddly charming.

Micron maintains five Escos as part of our fleet. At the right production volumes, they can provide exceptional value to a customer looking for small-diameter parts.

A recently refurbished Escomatic tuned for optimal efficiency and precision.

The Escos excel at creating pins, shafts, connectors and counterweights. And they can put intricate features on a small part like knurling, threads, and tapers.

“When we find a job for our Esco’s that’s the right fit, it can be a great option for a potential customer” says Colin Valliere, Sales. That ideal order tends to be 50,000 or more parts, in brass, stainless, or leaded steel, at 3/16″ diameters and below.

If you’re curious what Micron’s Escomatic department can do for you, request a quote today.