How fortunate we are to live in the United States. We don’t always fully appreciate our blessings, but geopolitical events sometimes remind us how good we have it.

Our Polish relatives are 8 hours from the Ukraine border and one of the cousins shared her perspective of the war and the migrations of Ukrainian refugees:

Dzień dobry (Hello) Mike,      

Indeed, the hard times have come. We are afraid in Poland that this is just the beginning. We are expecting even more difficult times and more refugees that need to be taken care of somehow. Together with our friends, we help them as much as we can in many areas. It’s good that we have your country by our side. We will manage together somehow.

We at Micron wish the same peace and prosperity we enjoy here at home to all the world’s people. May the course of time lead us back to cooperation and respect for human dignity. Thank you to everyone who is trying to help those displaced by war.

— Mike Preston