Micron precision machining capabilities

Micron has effectively combined Lean principlesContinuous Improvement, and Design for Manufacture. We call our unique and productive approach systemicron™.

Micron’s precision machine shop, unlike other CNC machining companies, offers milling operations, precision turning, sub-assembly and CNC prototyping resulting in a standardized, repeatable process that produces quality, ready-to-use parts.

We can machine your parts whether your material is aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, plastic, stainless steel, or steel. Because of our design for manufacture expertise, we can offer precision machined parts that present manufacturing challenges, in low to mid-volumes or are unusual shapes. We also extend our services with product design engineering services and our inventory management system.

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Micron’s turning capabilities include state-of-the-art equipment including CNC lathes with both conventional and Swiss turning, also known as sliding headstock machines, designed for “long and skinny” parts, typically greater than 3:1 length to diameter ratio or larger. Micron offers a variety of equipment to produce the best results for each project. We offer bar capacity from 1/8″ to 2″ diameter including chucking capabilities up to 6″.


Micron offers milling for simple to highly engineered, complex precision machined parts. CNC vertical milling machines and lathe milling machines provide milling capabilities that others don’t. These capabilities result in milling machine parts that are standardized and cost effective.

Light Assembly

Micron offers sub-assemblies using components machined on our turning and milling centers.

Engineering Design for Manufacturing
Micron engineers are involved from the project’s beginning, ensuring your part has the best design for manufacturability. With our expertise in DFM, we are often able to suggest alternative materials or ways to improve the manufacturability of critical components and sub-assemblies while they are still in the design stage. Our product design engineering support begins with the quoting process and continues throughout production to delivery and beyond. Our engineering team provides support based on your needs.
Production Prototyping
Micron’s prototyping is an important part of our overall business approach. We approach prototyping with a production mindset because we believe the best way to prototype a component is to use the same process for prototyping that will be used for production. By running prototypes on production machines, we can work through issues or challenges that may become apparent only during a production run.
Inventory Management
Inventory management is offered to provide you with responsive and accurate deliveries. Micron will integrate your blanket-order system or your forecast and release program to ensure your product is delivered on-time, every time.