Listen: PMPA “Speaking of Precision” Podcast interviews Micron’s Dave Seabrook

Lean productive, 5S methodology, design for manufacturability and the journey that led Micron to improve machine setup times by 75% were all on the table this week on the PMPA’s “Speaking of Precision” podcast.

Listen to the full interview here.

Host Miles Free sat down with IT manager Dave Seabrook to discuss how this transformational journey took place and where we’re at now. Free nailed it when he summarized Systemicron as “the evolution of this lean, continuous improvement, and design for manufacturability into one, I’d call it a wholistic approach, and that makes you reliable.”

Thank you to the Precision Machined Parts Association, or PMPA, for putting on this great podcast!

Celebrating 70 Years of Precision Machining Excellence!

Celebrating 70 Years of Precision Machining Excellence!

Micron recently celebrated its 70th birthday.

At the Walton Lake Lodge in Pierson Michigan, we gathered with friends, families, industry partners, customers, and community to appreciate what we’ve been able to build together.

Responses to the invitations were amazing. When all was said and done, we had nearly double the number of attendees than what we originally expected. It was very touching to see so much support.

Micron’s Story

Ed Preston started Micron in 1952 in the basement of The Grand Rapids Bavarian Inn. At the time, Micron produced parts with Browne and Sharpe screw machines. Three relocations later, Micron was able to build our current shop in 1964, and expand in 1983 to its current footprint.

Micron humble beginnings: Micron started in the basement below the Bavarian Inn in 1952.

At the turn of the century, Micron became ISO 9001 certified, embraced lean manufacturing, and purchased its first CNC lathe. These events marked a rapid transition period to a modern CNC job shop. A short time later, in 2008, Micron received a Shingo Silver Medallion for Operational Excellence — a hugely prestigious recognition of what we were able to achieve with regards to the development of our systems and lean operation.

More recently, Micron can boast of many plant improvements and optimizations, including machine standardization, plant-wide AC, and, soon, a huge upgrade to our parts-washing system.

The Future Awaits

A milestone such as this is a great time to look back at the past 70 years and admire what we’ve accomplished. But more exciting yet is to consider this as the foundation from which we will continue forward.

As a family business, Micron is very encouraged to see third-generation family members working at the company. And as a manufacturing company, we are likewise encouraged to see the next generation of machinists and other workers enter our ranks.

This ensures not only that Micron will be able to persist, but that the next generation of American manufacturing is coming into focus. It foretells that the American Dream is alive and well. That, through hard work, we can create a means to provide for our families and raise happy and healthy children, who in turn will continue the cycle. Perhaps a 70th anniversary is particularly moving because we can relate it to the significance of our own three score and ten.

Chatting by the campfire
The Preston Family

Special Thanks

We’d like to thank everyone who attended, as well as those who couldn’t attend but sent their best. Thank you to the Walton Lake Lodge for accommodating us and making the party planning easier by being on top of everything venue-related. And a big thanks to our caterer, Mission Barbecue — the food was excellent.

If you missed the party, but wished you could’ve been there, let us know. We have a few extra door gifts we’d be happy to share.

Thank You to Our Workers

Thank You to Our Workers

This Labor Day weekend, Micron would like to thank our workers.

Your efforts keep the machines running, make the workplace safe and clean, and allow us to deliver outstanding products, service, and reliability to our customers.

What’s more: We have the commitment and dedication of our worker’s to thank for Micron’s transformation from a screw machine shop to a lean CNC operation.

Labor Day is typically what we see as the last weekend of summer and the beginning of fall. So with that, we encourage everyone to get out there over the long weekend, and look forward to autumn weather.