In my last post, I introduced Why We Exist: To impact individual growth so we can together strengthen and grow our families and community. So, how does that look when put into action? And how can we use it to better the people and environment around us?

Like anything else in life (your faith, golf swing, distance running, etc.), you have to practice and be intentional if you want to improve. Here at Micron, we follow that same mentality – day in and day out. We continually identify and observe behavior that supports and reinforces our “why”. And, if there are missed opportunities, we identify those as well. Because every opportunity is a chance to learn, improve and grow.

So, what’s a good example of this? A machinist approaches you (a coworker) for help troubleshooting a machine process not meeting spec. You listen, share your knowledge to remedy the problem, coach and help them grow their skills. My father, Ed (pictured), was that guy. He took every opportunity he could to help others reach their full potential, while influencing positive behavior and impacting the overall company culture around him. Take the same situation; but instead, you grumble, inform the person how busy you are and go fix the problem without any explanation. This is a missed opportunity. An opportunity to help an individual grow and to lead by example for others. It’s obvious which person supports and reinforces our “why”, helping the company grow so we can all “strengthen and grow our families and community” together.

Our culture is strong here at Micron, but we constantly remind ourselves not to take it for granted. Because, just like a golf swing, there’s always room for improvement. With practice and intention, we use our “why” every single day to bring out the best in ourselves, in others and in the company.

-Mike Preston, Micron’s President