The photo above is from Holy Cross Cemetery in Grand Rapids.

Each year on this weekend, volunteer groups in our community place flags on gravesites. They do so quietly and with little fanfare. You won’t see very many news interviews or human interest stories, because their mission this weekend is not about self-promotion or publicity. It is simply to honor the fallen. To recognize the implicit connection between freedom and sacrifice.

It’s refreshing to see that this spirit pervades Americana throughout time. Underneath the noise of the day-to-day news cycle, cultural battles, trends and crazes, the reality of what our nation is and the ordeals we’ve undergone in the becoming remain in the hearts of the people.

Though today’s skies are grey and overcast, the forecasts predict a warm and pleasant weekend ahead. Many of us have fun plans with our families to ring in a long-awaited summer. As well we should.

It’s nice also to take a moment or two to reflect on those who have passed — particularly our veterans who died in service, for which the holiday on Monday is designated. If you feel inclined, take a look at these Memorial Day events in our area, courtesy of MLive.

We here at Micron wish you and yours a happy Memorial Day.

A monument at Holy Cross Cemetery honors Polish World War I veterans.