Micron is proud to recognize a new employee’s graduation and completion of his technical degree.

Josh Fisher, maintenance apprentice at Micron, graduated May 6th from the two-year Machine and Systems Technology (MST) program at Harmel Academy of the Trades. He was one of ten classmates to comprise the 2nd graduating class of this program. Micron recently welcomed him as our newest full-time employee.

Josh’s diligence in work and study over the past two years has been nothing short of exceptional. His hard work shows on a day-to-day basis when it comes to his technical expertise and knowledge.

Josh started working for Micron in 2022 as an intern while enrolled at Harmel. He trained under our maintenance technician, Tim Klein, and quickly showed himself to be a great fit for Micron. Josh shows great initiative in seeking out those in need of help and responding quickly to requests.

One of the ongoing projects Josh has taken the lead on is maintenance of the new parts cleaning system Micron installed in February. Josh has quickly made himself the expert on this new machine — of which our company had no previous institutional knowledge to reference. Thanks to Josh’s discipline in learning the ins-and-outs, we now have the capabilities to troubleshoot issues in-house.

Congratulations, Josh, from everyone at Micron.

Josh Fisher graduated among the 2nd class of Harmel Academy's Machine and Systems Technology Program
Josh Fisher, second from right, at his graduation ceremony.