Did the sign get your attention?. The sign was displayed by a local manufacturer in the 1960’s to attract job applicants.

Here at Micron, we’ve had a recent focus on our interviewing process, especially since our business has rebounded. We need help, but the right help (regardless of gender). Values and traits that include integrity, honesty, respect, positivity, and dependability are critical to our culture at Micron. Not only that, but to the culture we bring home to our families at the end of the day.

The interviewing process consists of two discussions with the candidate: values and then skills. Questions like: “What are three (3) positive things your prior / current employer would say about you?” and “What would you like to see changed at your last job?” help us understand how the candidate would fit working at Micron with others. Skills and experience are important, but if the candidates’ values are not in sync with our culture, it is simply not a good fit. And in the end, if a company is held in high regard in the community as a great place to work, candidates will seek to apply.

If you want to learn more about career opportunities with Micron, call 616.453.5486.

-Mike Preston, Micron’s President