Why Micron Exists
Posted on 02/12/2021

Why does Micron exist? Seems like a hokey question. It must be obvious to everyone at Micron. We are a 3rd generation business started in 1952; Provide necessary jobs to make a profit and live our lives.

In 2019, a member of the leadership team, brought a book into the conversation by Simon Sinek, The Why. After reading the book, “why” we exist, was no longer a hokey question. Discussions at our weekly leadership meeting took place by following the process the book outlined. We had ample time on our hands during the 2020 slowdown but finally came up with our “why”: To impact individual growth so we can together strengthen and grow our families and community. As I reflect on this, it’s what our founder, my father Ed, (man, I miss that guy) never said but did by example. Why have a “why”? We are using it to promote confidence, trust, protection, respect, approachability and value to everyone in our workforce.

In my next post, I will share how the leadership team is setting in motion the “why” to influence behavior and impact culture.